Nice to meet you

My Name is Milan Zoufal; I'm a Web Designer, online strategist and entrepreneur. Having had 10 years of experience, I am specialized in creating well-drafted user interfaces, using HTML, CSS and Javascript.

My original interest in web-development and web design began at the height of the dot-com bubble, when I created a specialist e-shop selling high-end desk lamps, in partnership with an Austrian lighting design company.

The most prominent aspect of my present work is to provide the best possible solutions for my clients and their associated networks. In 2007, the Austrian Ministry of Agriculture commissioned my partner and I (Martin Gamsj├Ąger), to design a web application which could be accessed by over 300 towns and cities in Austria, and after five years of general maintenance and regular updates, this application is still in use.

I currently work at the Quasipartikel office space in Linz, Austria, which I share with many talented colleagues. I live in my hometown of Linz, and in my spare time I love to go skydiving, playing golf, and reading sci-fi books.